Let us be your host

In Marbella Rents we maximize returns and minimize risk. 

Our team of professionals will bring the confidence and security you need to rent your property without risks. We are specialists in vacation rental management and maintenance. 

We maximize occupancy levels with an extensive marketing plan, including your property on the main digital platforms, manage your bookings and payments, and take care of the small things to fulfill our guest’s expectations.

We provide you direct access to your property reservation calendar so you are always up to date.

‘The rental income Marbella Rents generates pays my mortgage for the year and still gives me plenty of time to enjoy my own house whenever I want to.’

Interior design

It all starts with a tasteful house from the outside and inside. Our team can help you with creating a beautiful home


When your house is ready to take that perfect picture we will send professional photographers to your property. The perfect picture is worth a thousand words so we do not save money in this step.

Lets get online

More visibility means more bookings, so we will push on marketing and create converting advertisements on Airbnb Vrbo Booking etc.

AI pricing for optimizing occupation.

We work with the best automating pricing software on the market to optimize pricing and occupancy.

Renters & Service

To optimize the guest experience we developed an app.
From the check in info, the wifi code, house manuals, up to a list of things to do in the neighborhood everything is a click away.

Cleaning & Maintenance

When it comes to reviews, a clean house is one of the important factors. With our team of professional cleaners and maintenance men we got you covered.

Check in/ out

Every guest gets a personal check in with someone who will be available to them 24/7 for any kind of question the renter would have. When people have had a pleasant experience when checking in and during their stay they are more likely to respect the property.

Our Fee

We work on a percentage of your rental income. No fixed costs, no startup costs. We only earn money when you make money. We like to keep things transparent and simple.

FAQ by owners

 I want to let my property but I got a few questions:

We have a wide selection of property types. From Villa’s to penthouses up to smaller apartments. We are established in the luxury market but we do make exceptions. So feel free to contact us and find out if we can help you.

We work between Mijas and Sotogrande. So no problem if your Villa is in Benahavis for example.

Of course! you will be in charge of your own agenda. you can let us know when your house is available or not via your personal app you can block or open the availability for the house. alternatively you can just send us a whatsapp. There is no minimum availability.

The daily rates are the highest in the summer. Next to the summer we have a lot of different seasons in terms of higher demand. You should think of all the holidays like Christmas and Easter. We work with a state of the art automatic pricing system, which sets the price of your house automatically taking into account, your minimum price and the demand influenced by the season, day of the week, bookings and availability of similar houses etc. 

When the renter has paid and we received it we transfer it to you straight away. Some owners prefer it at the end of every month. We offer the possibility to download your statements for your personal bookkeeping.

It depends. From 0,- up to 10.000,- Not every house is the same and not every owner’s preference is the same. We offer full insurance policies to get fully reimbursed when an accident may occur. Besides that Airbnb has an insurance up to 1 million for damage caused by renters. When we get to know you and the property we can advise you in this matter.

We always screen our renters before approving a booking request. By doing so we filter out wild stag parties or renters you do not want in your house. Together we can define the criteria for the renters. To give you an extra piece of mind, the last thing Marbella Rents wants is an issue with Renters or Owners. So we will go an extra mile just to make sure everyone is happy which start by only doing business with the right people. We are in the same boat in this case 😉

We offer the option to charge the renter extra for electricity like a heated pool for example. Alternatively you can set a maximum usage per week or stay. The granted amount will be paid by the renter.

We see every client as a partner we would like to invest in. That said we take it upon ourselves to pay for all the costs of listing the property. So no startup costs. We only take an agreed upon percentage of the rental income. We only earn something when you earn something.

We do both. We found out that the two work quite nicely hand in hand. For example we got an apartment that we rented out from September to June. And in the summer it is available for short term holiday rent. On the other hand we have multiple villas where the owner wants to use the house occasionally. In this case we do short term rent in the available slots all year around.